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We welcome you and your Ancestors in the magic of the New Moon, where we will share the Medicine of the Dreamtime.
The Rainbow Serpent will guide us to walk into a new dreaming
Walking the journey of accension
Sharing and caring
Honouring sister Moon


In Hungary, the Hands of God, the Carpathian basin, the old Greek Gods searched retreat for peace and shelter in times of wars and disturbances.
When African, Australian Aboriginal, Scottish Celtic and Prussian roots meet at New Moon… well ... Then it is time to prepare for a magical Dreamtime gathering for Deep Insights and transformation processes.


On their journey Wiruungga and Garra will visit Chy-Kara and share their magic on this evening with New Moon.


A short introduction ...


Wiruungga Dunggiirr

Wiruungga Dunggiirr elder from the Namba Gumbaynggar Nation,New South Wales, Nambucca heads. His culture was given by his Mother, Father,Grandmother, Great Grandmother, Uncles and Aunties. As a young child sitting in a circle on the mission his 4 Grandfathers start telling him the stories of the creation of Mother Earth and the Dreamtime stories. Wiruungga dedicate his life to educating non-indigenous as well as indigenous people, about his culture through art and crafts, story telling, dance, bush medicines, rituals and ceremonies.


Garra rrana
Blue Dragonfly

Following the songlines of her African Ancestors
Water and Medicine Woman
Sharing the medicine songs and dancer of the new dreaming
Teacher of a self Healing modality guided by Lady Master Kwan Yin
The Blue Dragonfly is supporting your journey of transformation and Ascension.


Thursday 4th of November 15.00h Gathering at Chy-Kara.

New Moon circle with ceremony and Dreamtime stories will take place in the evening.

As a part of the Ceremony, to create consciousness about what we put in our body we will create together a vegan meal. We will ask the medicine plants to join the food.

So, please bring ingredients from local bio shop, from your own garden or your neighbours.


Friday 5th of November.
09.00h start Medicine Walk after light breakfast.


What to bring?


Consider that it will be chilly so don’t forget a warm jacket, plaids and cozy socks!
Moreover, you are welcome to bring your friends, curiosity, all your joy and also your beautiful smile 
Anything that brings you in a good mood like shaman drums, didgeridoo, hand-pan, etc !

There are possibilities for an overnight stay, so please, bring your own sleeping bags with you if you like to use this option.

Bring your own food and drinks to our shared table. If you like to bring something to share ... please, let it be Vegan.


Energy Exchange

Evening and morning program +
Overnight stay 15.000 Huf per person.




Type "Chy-Kara Farm Camping" into your device and it will bring you straight to us 
Chy-Kara is a fascinating retreat location for reflection, inner work, inspiration, music, magic...
We embrace you here for this gathering with good vibes and an atmosphere of autumn and dazzling leaves …… 

Very much looking forward to share these magical moments!


Wiruungga & Garra and
Jay & Annemieke

If you would like to take part in one of the Events with Spirit on our program, or you need more information about the workshop or the possibilities for a stay at Chy-Kara, than please, send us a message using the form on the Contact page.  We will answer you as soon as possible.

You are welcome to communicate in Dutch, German, Spanish and Hungarian too ;-)